Condolences for Margaret Martin Womble

Anna Burgwyn posted on 11/10/12

Mary Lee and all, I will be etrernally blessed from knowing and working with Mrs.Womble. She was a fine lady and had one awsome sense of humor. I have many fond memories which include her. God be with you all. Anna


Harris Hollingsworth posted on 11/10/12

I will always remember Mrs. Womble as a very kind and giving person. She was my third grade teacher. Once we had an assignment to bring in something from nature. One student brought in what we thought was an old hornet's nest. It stayed in the classroom for some time. Then one morning we came in and there were thousands of praying mantis babies all over the wall! It was an exciting day for us, but Mrs. Womble held it together well during the episode. She always made a point to speak to us when we came back to church to visit. I know she will be greatly missed.


Sylvia Womble posted on 11/11/12

Having Margaret as a mother in law was a true blessing and she would always say, we are not in laws but in love. I have many wonderful memories of her, but the one most precious to me would be our helicopter ride in Hawaii. As she, Wayne and I were getting ready to climb in I wanted to back out. She took my hand and said, this will be fun and we will get to see so many things that we cannot see from the ground. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever done and watching her enjoy the ride was just as beautiful. As I close my eyes, I can see her on this amazing ride pointing out all the breath taking and peaceful scenery in heaven. Rest in peace beautiful lady.


Aaron Harrell posted on 11/11/12

Mrs. Womble will be deeply missed. A Veterans Day funeral for a long time Veteran. God Bless Mrs. Womble.


Susie Bolton Johnson posted on 11/12/12

I am so sorry to hear that Mrs. Womble has died. She was my teacher, friend, mentor and role model. She got me interested in the Rich Square Garden Club and we shared many wonderful times together. The town of Rich Square, the Garden Club, Northeast Academy,The Rich Square Baptist Church and MANY other organizations and persons are better because of her ingfluence. Thank God for people like her. I was blessed to call her my "friend". susie


Brad Bailey posted on 12/13/12

I will never know what I did to be so lucky to have a grandmother like her. She was the absolute best in every way. Her love for Matthew and I was unmatched and the care she showed us was unmatched by anything. She will always be in my heart and missed forever.