Condolences for Billie L. Daniels

Ann L. Whitaker posted on 6/23/10

Just wanted to say how sorry I am about Billy Lee. God bless you all and your are in my thoughts and prayers. Sorry I could not be there. Love you all!
Ann(Becky's daughter)


RUTH HARRELL posted on 6/21/10



Mel Turner posted on 6/23/10

To the family of Billy L. Daniels,
Billy Lee must have been some kind of great human. My sis, Virginia, always spoke well of "Gut", Walter's younger brother. His departure, I'm sure, saddens everyone who knew him. However, his love for everyone is what Jesus would have from us all.


Mel Turner


David (Ray Ray) posted on 6/20/10

A great Man of God that loved his family has gone on to Glory! Oh, what a tall and Godly man was Billie! His smile would make a cloudy day in Murfreesboro area, feel like the Sun was bright and would not go in. He would stand tall over you with great love. Oh, you knew when Billie was in your presents!

I think back to running the Lance route in Murfreesboro when Billie was on the Flowers Bread truck. The high of my day was seeing Billie, with a smile you would never forget! He would always take the time to talk to me. We talked!!!!!!! Folks, Billie and I covered everything from our big family to heaven, every day we saw each other! You would think that was all we had to do! We had a great time together!

Billie, I know you are on the Board of administation of Heaven now and you and God will have things running right for when the rest of US get to HEAVEN! So, Ray Ray, is not worried about things, since you have made it to Glory!

Billie, thanks for letting Ray Ray be a small part of your life. I will never forget when we talked and prayed last year on the phone, how the Spirt of God came through the telephone lines from Selma area to Murfressboro! How you said and knew that God was in control! My heart will rest with knowing you are with God! What a joy that you were ready to meet God!

To the family, may you rest in God at this very hour and keep holding on! One day we SHALL see the Eastern sky open and JESUS will retun for US!

From; Growing Together Ministies
and Ray Ray, your eternal friend!

God Bless the FAMILY!

3:30 p.m.


Marilyn Heil posted on 6/21/10

To the family of Gut Daniels:
I am so sorry for your loss. I know you will miss him terribly. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you all.
With love,


Virginia Daniels posted on 6/21/10

To my loved,and loving brother-in-law
and the entire family You all took me in and made me apart of your family. I love you all for it.I was a stranger and in a new land. Love,


Aeriel & Glenda Daniels posted on 6/21/10

We love you very much. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this time of sadness. No matter what, we will always be with you. We miss you Uncle Gut!!

Aeriel & Glenda Daniels


Teresa "Reesie" Turner posted on 6/23/10

I am truly sorry for your loss! My prayers and thoughts are with you! Remember all the great times and remember Mr. Billie is well now! Please take care of yourselves!!!!!

Love you all,