Condolences for John Lawrence Allsbrook, III

Natasha Askew posted on 5/4/22

Been here with Johnny for five years been knowing him for over 20...He treated me like a daughter... strange waking up not seeing him or him yelling for his breakfast cause I'm not a morn person but I'd get up cause he'd eventually be at my room door! He left telling me he'd be back in one to two weeks and I'm still waiting!!! We'd talk about this kind of thing all the time so I guess that's why it's even harder to get use to...he also said I'll be there to bother you every chance I can and if you knew him you'd know why it seems as if he's sitting in his favorite chair right now!!! Well a million stories I could tell but one thing is for sure this is going to take some getting use to but I know someone that can handle it all and I've talked to John about him many times just so thankful before he left he finally listened one night whole heartedly! God bless


Kelly Turner posted on 5/3/22

I sure will miss my Uncle Johnny Cakes.navigating WalMart in Kitty Hawk, having breakfast at Bob’s. I miss so much all of our times at Cracker Barrel and when we were done eating, sitting out front talking forever. And countless Kings Dominion and Steven Kent memories. DC memories and so many other things. Outer Banks will never be the same without Betsy and Johnny AllsbrookI know you’re with Betsy now, making her laugh again.


Lydia Dickens Howard posted on 5/3/22

My family and I are so very sorry for your loss. When I was younger my Uncle Cliff and Johnny would come to Greenville quite often and take me out to dinner. It was something I always looked forward to; spending time with Johnny and my Uncle.


Charles Best posted on 5/2/22

I would like to express my condolences to the family! Johnny was a long time friend of mine! We enjoyed play cards at the Junior Order and also to just sit around and talk with each other! He was a very likable kinda guy! My prayers are with each of you! May God give each of you the peace you need to deal with such a loss! Long time friend Charles Best!


Betty Rose posted on 5/2/22

So very sorry for your loss. Praying for your family at this this most difficult time. I met Johnny at Scotland Neck nursing home visiting my good friend Hurbert Watson and his mother come to find out they were all good friends.


Anthony "Tony" Helms posted on 4/30/22

I'm always saddened to learn that another one of my childhood friends is no longer with us. I first met Johnny in 1957 at Ms. Welch kindergarden. Even at the tender age of 5; Johnny had a gift for making people laugh; and no one could tell a story quite like Johnny .... that boy was a piece of work! and will certainly be missed. I'm quite sure he is busy getting a giggle out of somebody right now.


Jessica Daniels posted on 4/30/22

Johnny will be missed tremendously. I will forever be grateful for our time spent together at the beach. We all shared so many fun times with him. No one can tell a story quite like Johnny Cakes! I'm sure he is amusing Betsy right now. The boys and I love all of you. I hope good memories bring you comfort during this sad time.


Carol Dickson posted on 4/30/22

So sorry Kelly, Travis and all of the family for the loss of Uncle Johnny Cakes. He was definitely a character and will surely be missed! I know without a doubt that him and Betsy are happy to be together again! ❤ Love, Auntie Mary C.


Carol Dickson posted on 4/30/22

So sorry Kelly, Travis and all of the family of Johnny "Cakes" Allsbrook. I know him and Betsy are happy to be together again! ❤ He was certainly a character and will be definitely missed! Love, Auntie Mary C.