Condolences for Patrick O’Neal Morris

Betty Ann Dickens posted on 4/17/21

He was a wonderful person and a wonderful cousin. Even though we didn't get to talk much I know he loved me and he knew I loved him. He would always ask about my girls even though he never met them. I will always hold him in my heart.


Sandy Barfield posted on 4/15/21

Oneal came to live at the farm with us about 10 years ago. We became very close and kept that relationship going no matter what state he lived in at the time. He was like a "son" to me and I will cherish all our memories that we had together. Oneal loved and cherished his family and friends and enjoyed his work. I love you buddy... you will always remain close in my heart.


Angela posted on 4/15/21

He had a wife and other children. Dont disregard the Mike there nothing


Mary Lewis Charleville and Joseph Salvador posted on 4/15/21

Wonderful Craftsman


Alana Carter posted on 4/15/21

O’Neal was a great man. He also has two other children Karsten Morris and Penelope Morris. It will bother these kids when they get older not being in there own father’s obituary!


Brenda Sanders posted on 4/15/21

Sorry for your loss. Prayers for you and your family at this difficult time


Jay posted on 4/15/21

He was a true friend we would talk about every other day just to say hello truly going to miss you my brother rest easy


Terri Lewis White posted on 4/15/21

O’Neal was often misunderstood, but he had a heart of gold. I believe he truly loved me, and he would have done anything to make me smile. He also loved the children in his family with all of his heart, including his grandchildren, niece and nephew, and his children, Karsten, Penelope, Courtney, and Rosalyn. O’Neal and I had some great times together, and even though we were no longer a couple, he still told me he loved me nearly every day. I just can’t believe he is gone. I will cherish the time we spent together forever. Xoxo


Missy Lassiter Barnes posted on 4/14/21

Thinking of y'all and prayers to all. Love yall


Janece Ervin posted on 4/14/21

He had two other children as well. Karsten and Penelope morris.



Shonna Futrell posted on 4/14/21

My deepest condolences to Sue, Warren and the entire family. Luv u Sue❤️