Condolences for David Oscar Braxton

Dan jones posted on 4/28/20

David was a good person whom i knew for many years (ever since he bit my finger thru the fence when we were 5). He always had an opinion about polotics and never strayed from his beleifs . Always enjoyed his music too ihad just spoken to him a couple of days before his passing and we talked about john prine and seeing him in raleigh well david rest in peace and maybe i will put on an illegal smile for you i'll miss you when i go back to the neck


David Roebuck posted on 4/28/20

I would at times be gone from this area for years at a time. The physical appearance of SN was forever changing. There was never a time that I would not run into David at one place or another. He was a true friend. Our conversations seemed to naturally flow from our previous one into another. I enjoyed hearing him talk about his political thoughts and theories. My Dad who passed at 101 had many conversations with him in my abscence. He hit the nail on the head about David. He said that is one smart kind young man right there. He has some oddball ideas somtimes but he is genuine in his beliefs. And, who amoung us is to judge. He always left me and my Dad with a smile. I stopped by his house a little over a year ago. He was outside surrounded by kittens and cats. His wish was to be financially able to treat and vaccinate them all. I said, go get one you want me to save. He did and she is happy healthy and a blessing to our family. RIP my friend.


Randall Melton posted on 4/28/20

David was probably on of the few people in Scotland Neck that would come over for a visit. I remember spending many an hour talking with him. And I remember his love of cats. He was a warm person who was always willing to go out of his way to help. David, you will be missed. May you finally be at peace and in the arms of the Lord.


Gail B. Tucker posted on 4/27/20

I am so very sorry to learn of David's passing. I enjoyed his conversations and you could tell that he truly cared about his family and friends. He was indeed very intelligent and loved to share his knowledge and dreams with everyone. RIP David.


Laura posted on 4/26/20

I have known David a long time. He was always friendly and yes very talkative..But that was David for you I don't care where he would see you he would always stop and speak to you. If he cared for you he would talk a little longer, I never minded it . David was a kind person . And he never mistreated me. You will be missed David. Rip.. to his family sorry for yalls lost.


Roland W Edwards posted on 4/25/20

David was a good man. He was curious, brilliant, a little quirky (let's face it, he was a lot quirky) and the most honest man I ever met; sometimes to a fault. He trusted people, sometimes too much. David was jovial and friendly to all who met him and he would tell you everything you ever wanted to know about some subjects, whether you wanted to hear it or not. Lol... David was a genuine person. You knew who he was and he didn't put on airs. He knew what he believed and never ridiculed others who had a different view. If he disagreed with you, he wouldn't hide it; from anyone! But he never allowed those differences to alter the way he treated people. He was almost always kind. David loved his animals; again, to a fault. But his friends learned to except that, just as he excepted our faults. He would do anything for you, but you might have to be patient. He had lots of ideas and plans for the future that never seemed to come to fruition, but the important things he took very seriously. David spent the last few years praying frequently and studying the Bible, trying his best to strengthen his relationship with his Creator. I'm sure he accomplished his final goal. He'll be sorely missed by those of us who were lucky enough to get to know him well. I miss him already. Rest In Peace my friend.