The idea of preplanning a funeral or cremation is hard for some people to understand.

Why worry about such depressing matters until you have to?

While we understand it can be difficult to discuss, there are great benefits to being prepared.

Pre-need is a loving final gift to your family. At the time of death, family should be at home surrounded with love not at a funeral home making complex arrangements.

Decide for yourself how you want to be memorialized and remembered. Leaving the decisions to your family places a lot of pressure on them during an already difficult time.

Lastly, preplanning combined with prepaying can save you and your family a significant amount of money.

Preplanning offers peace of mind knowing everything is in order. Call today to learn the many options available at Garrett-Sykes and Letchworth-Sykes Funeral Service.

Why Preplan?

Make your final wishes known and preplan with Garrett-Sykes and Letchworth-Sykes today.

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Preplanning Checklist

Now is the best time to prepare for the future. Garrett-Sykes and Letchworth-Sykes Funeral Service believes planning ahead is extremely important.

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Preplan a Funeral

Preplan with Garrett-Sykes or Letchworth-Sykes and gain peace of mind knowing everything is in order.

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Preplan Cremation

At Garrett-Sykes and Letchworth-Sykes, all of our service and personalization options are available with cremation.

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